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Fitness Made Convenient in Fallowfield

We make securing your spot in our dynamic classes a breeze! Accessing our classes is as easy as ever with our online booking system, and payment is flexible, whether you prefer in-person or online, we’ve got you covered. Join us in Fallowfield for an unmatched fitness experience that’s not just effective but also convenient, affordable and fun!


Tuesday @UCFB

4:55pm – Resistance Training (Upper or Lower Body)
5:00pm – Train for 5K/10K Run
5:35pm – Circuit Training or Legs Only

Wednesday @UCFB

7:10am – The Morning Wake-Up

Thursday @UCFB

4:55pm – Resistance Training or The Abs Blast
5:00pm – Train for 5K/10K Run
5:35pm – HIIT Workout

Friday @UCFB

7:10am – The Morning Wake-Up

Saturday @UCFB

8:15am – The Morning Wake-Up
8:55am – The Beginners Class or Resistance Training
9:35am – Arms Only, Legs Only or Upper Body Resistance
10:15am – Circuit Training or Legs Only
10:55am – The Abs Blast
11:30am – Core, Flex ‘n’ Stretch

Secure Your Spot Online or In-Person

Booking your fitness class with HMB&S Fitness is a seamless process. Choose the method that suits you best – reserve and pay online through our user-friendly platform or opt for in-person payments using cash or the PayPal app at the end of each class. It’s about giving you the flexibility to focus on your fitness journey, not the logistics.

Classes are listed in the booking calendar with their booking code and location code. Please check the locations below.


Circuit Training

CIR-1 – One full circuit of 8-12 stations

CIR-2 – Two full circuits of 5 stations

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIT – Full body HIIT training

Resistance Training

UBR-1 – Upper body resistance for back and shoulders

UBR-2 – Upper body resistance for arms and chest

LBR – Lower body resistance workout for legs, abs, lower back and core

Other Classes

ABS – The Abs Blast

AO – Arms Only

CFS – Core, Flex ‘n’ Stretch

LO – Legs Only

TBC-1 – The Beginners Class (Resistance)

TBC-2 – The Beginners Class (Cardio)

TMW – The Morning Wake-Up

TF10K – Train for 5/10K Run

Our Locations:
Bringing Fitness to Your Community

Experience the uniqueness of HMB&S Fitness as we bring fitness to your local community. We utilise diverse locations, including parks, churches, schools, and community centres. By embracing local and socially-minded training, we create an inclusive atmosphere that transcends traditional gym settings. We are also able to run classes for private businesses and companies where there is sufficient space.

HMB&S Fitness will be looking to expand to other locations in the Greater Manchester area once each location is firmly established.

HMB&S Fitness is currently offering classes in the following locations:

UCFB – Union Chapel Fallowfield Baptist (also known as Fallowfield Baptist Church), 2 Wellington Road, Fallowfield, M14 6EQ
(There is a limited amount of parking available at UCFB so we ask that you park along Wellington Road when possible.)
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Mobile Fitness Classes in Fallowfield:
Fitness on Your Terms

Why go to a fitness studio when we can bring the fitness studio to you? HMB&S Fitness operates as mobile fitness classes in Fallowfield and surrounding areas, ensuring that your fitness journey fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. With a commitment to expanding to other locations in the Greater Manchester area, we’re dedicated to making fitness accessible wherever you are.

*Special offer February 2024*

If you’re a business looking to host fitness classes on your premises, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to explore your options, and take advantage of our special offer – receive a free, no-obligation fitness class for your company or business. We provide the equipment and craft a tailored 25-30-minute workout for your employees right at your location!

Why Book with HMB&S Fitness?

Booking with HMB&S Fitness means joining a community focused on holistic well-being. By choosing us, you opt for

Affordability: Enjoy our pay-as-you-go model without the burden of monthly memberships.

Flexibility: Book online or pay in person, giving you control over your fitness commitment.

Community Engagement: Embrace fitness in local settings, fostering connections.

Heart, Mind, Body & Soul fitness for all

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