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Unlock the door to a healthier, stronger you with HMB&S Fitness’ diverse range of fitness classes in Manchester and surrounding area. Our classes cater to all fitness levels and preferences, offering an array of options designed to keep you engaged and motivated in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Affordable & Supportive Fitness Classes in Manchester

We will work with you to design the best type of workout for your group. We can offer beginner and advanced training and a variety of styles. Below are a sample of the types of classes we provide, but we can also incorporate Boot Camp and HYROX styles as well.

Check out the classes below and let us help you find the right workout for your needs!

Circuit Training: Revitalise Your Workout Routine

Dive into our Circuit Training sessions, where each class takes you through a series of dynamic stations. From resistance and cardio training to abdominal exercises, our circuits are crafted to keep your body guessing and your fitness goals within reach. Sprint shuttle runs add an extra layer of intensity, ensuring a full-body workout that leaves you energised.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Sculpt & Tone

Experience the power of HIIT, a workout programme that alternates between bursts of intense exercise and periods of rest. Burn fat and tone your body with a mix of dumbbells, battle ropes, body weight exercises, and more. Our HIIT classes are an effective way to boost your metabolism and elevate your fitness level.

Resistance Training: Build Strength, Define Muscles

Engage in our Resistance Training classes using dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Target your upper or lower body with a variety of exercises, all aimed at building strength and definition. Our instructors guide you through proper techniques, ensuring a safe and effective workout.

The Abs Blast: Unleash Your Core Power

Join our Abs Blast class, a dedicated abdominal workout that targets every part of your core. Strengthen your upper, middle, and lower abdominal areas, obliques, and lower back. Discover muscles you never knew existed while achieving a sculpted core.

Core, Flex ‘n’ Stretch: Enhance Posture & Flexibility

Improve your posture, flexibility, and core strength with our Core, Flex ‘n’ Stretch class. This full-body stretch and flex programme targets the lower, middle, and upper body. It’s the perfect way to unwind physically and mentally, releasing the stresses of the week.

Arms or Legs Only: Sculpt Your Upper or Lower Body

Isolate and sculpt with our Arms or Legs Only classes. Intense triceps and biceps workouts in Arms Only, and comprehensive leg workouts targeting quads, hamstrings, abductors, adductors, and calves in Legs Only. Define and tone specific areas for a well-rounded physique.

The Beginners Class: Build Your Confidence

For newcomers or those returning to fitness, our Beginners Class is the perfect introduction. Whether it’s resistance training or cardio workouts, we provide clear explanations and guidance at a reasonable pace. Gain confidence and understanding while embracing the joy of movement.

The Morning Wake-Up: Energise Your Day

Start your day right with our Morning Wake-Up class, featuring dynamic stretching, abdominal exercises, and high-intensity interval training. Kickstart your metabolism, boost your energy, and set a positive tone for the day.

Train for 5K or 10K Run

~ Check back to see when the next TF10K session is running in 2024 ~

Have you ever had the desire to join a 10 kilometre fun run or charity run but the thought was too daunting? Maybe you didn’t know where or how to start or the thought of all the preparation and training on your own put you off. We can help!


Sign up for 15 weeks of twice-weekly classes that will include strength training, cardiovascular endurance sessions, core routines and jogging sessions which will gradually increase in distance each week. Our goal is to help you run 10km successfully by the end of 15 weeks of training! 

If that still feels too overwhelming, we are also offering an 8 week course with the aim of helping you reach 5km with the option of continuing for another 7 weeks. You decide what works best for you!

Heart, Mind, Body & Soul fitness for all

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