Motivation for Exercise: Beginning the Journey

How do I begin? How do I keep going? These are questions many of us ask ourselves in relation to exercise.

We all have the ability to make choices, to take that first step and to take responsibility for who we are and what we do. But everyone is on their own journey to fitness and everyone started somewhere. I can still remember the day I started my fitness adventures–several decades ago!

However, that starting point is not trying to do a 10k run, spending 3 hours in a gym pushing weights, or attempting to swim the length of the English Channel. These are not realistic goals for your first day. But at some point in the future, who knows?

Begin by being honest with yourself and taking the first step.

Try the three G’s: Get up, Get out, Go

Get up right away when you wake up. Get out of bed (or even out of the house). Go begin your journey with a few full-body dynamic stretches to set you up for the day. You’ll feel motivated and ready to do something and face the day. You have begun!

Let today, not tomorrow, be your first step on your own wonderful adventure to becoming fitter, stronger, more motivated, more positive–to being the best you can be. Begin YOUR journey today.

Next we will look at what choices we can make to continue our journey. Let me know how your fitness adventure is going!

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