Motivation for Exercise: Continuing the Journey

Have you begun your journey to a better, fitter, stronger you? I certainly hope so! Did you try out the Three G approach from last month? Whatever approach you use to get motivated, and particularly if you have just started, it is vitally important that you continue to stay motivated. Never let those old negative, procrastinating thoughts and attitudes stick around in your mind. This is where the real fight begins!

Old habits, wants and desires take time to disappear and they will seek to drag you back. But now you must continue to develop strength of heart, mind and will, leading to strengthening of your body. As we have started to make those first ‘waking up’ choices using the Three G’s – Get up, Get out, Go – we can now use the Three P’s:

Positive Language – which leads to…

Positive Attitude – which leads to…  

Positive Action

Positive language says: I can do this, I will do my best, I will do this today! Avoid procrastinating or negative language such as: I might do this, I can do it tomorrow.

Positive language creates a positive attitude and strong motivational energy.

And then, positive language and a positive attitude will undoubtedly lead to positive action, enabling you to push yourself and set high targets and goals. All of this is then achievable and maintainable, ultimately leading you to places and heights you never thought possible.

You are now on your lifelong journey to a better, more positive, fitter, stronger and healthier you!

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