Motivation for Exercise: Progressing from Principle to Practice

In our first two blog posts we looked at ways of starting our fitness journey by using the 3-G approach: Get up (out of bed), Get out (of the bedroom/house), Go (do some movement to get the body and mind working). 

That can be followed by incorporating the 3-P’s into your life: Positive Language (leading to…) Positive Attitude (leading to…) Positive Action.

The above principles are simply tools to help you, but only you can do the last P – Positive Action!

Positive Action means you positively and actively follow through on your choice of exercise. There are literally hundreds of options and you don’t need a gym or a personal trainer, although these can be good value for some people.

Begin by setting aside 30 minutes on the same 3 days a week at the same time for your exercise programme. That’s only 90 minutes out of a week containing 10,080 minutes! This works even better with a friend to motivate and challenge each other. Don’t change this, stick to it – the most important thing is keeping to a consistent timetable that you can and will keep up with. This will soon become part of your normal lifestyle.

In the next post, we will offer you some workout programmes you can do at home.

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