Motivation for Exercise – Your First Programme

So now you’re up and you’re ready to go! What do you do next? Here is a workout programme which you can do at home for three days a week. In week 1 and 2 do one set of each exercise. In week 3 and 4, increase to 2 sets per exercise (do the 2 sets together before moving to the next exercise). In week 5 and 6, increase to 3 sets per exercise. (R = Repetitions).

Warm-Up for 3 Minutes:
March on the spot – 60 secs
Knee lifts – 30 secs
Hip bends – 30 secs
Hip twists – 30 secs
Shoulder rolls – 30 secs

1. Core Exercises:
Glute bridges – 10 R
Crunches – 10 R
Bicycle crunches – 10 R
Warrior crunches – 10 R
Plank – hold for 30 secs

2. Upper Body Exercises (with or without dumbbells):
Alternating punches – 20 R
Side and lateral arm raises – 12 R
Shoulder presses – 12 R
Press-ups (knees supporting or full body) – 12 R
Floor tricep dips – 12 R
Inch worms – 12 R

3. Lower Body Exercises (with or without dumbbells):
Sumo squats – 12 R
Forward lunges – 12 R
Side lunges – 12 R
Wall sits – 20 secs
Calf raises – 12 R

If you would like a free online demonstration of the exercises, please email us and we’ll set up a time to meet.  

Next time we will look at a cardio programme that you can do at home. Take care and have fun!

Graham Nicholls is an accredited fitness instructor and founder of HMB&S Fitness for All Ltd.

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