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HMB&S Fitness: Discover Inclusive & Holistic Wellness in Fallowfield, Manchester

HMB&S Fitness is more than a fitness company, we’re a community-driven movement with a mission to make exercise accessible to all in Fallowfield and beyond. Our unique approach sets us apart from traditional gyms, ensuring everyone feels welcome and empowered in their personal fitness journey.

Fitness for All: Affordable & Inclusive

HMB&S Fitness stands for ‘Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul,’ embodying our commitment to your holistic well-being. Our pay-as-you-go model with drop-in classes at just £3 per class breaks the mould of traditional membership fees and contracts. We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone!

Community-Centric Philosophy

Our fitness classes are not confined within four walls. Our goal is to provide diverse and dynamic workouts to keep you engaged and motivated. We utilise public spaces, fostering a sense of community and eliminating the intimidation factor associated with traditional gyms. We aim not only to improve your physical health but also to make a net positive impact within our Manchester community. 

Classes for Everyone

Our diverse range of classes caters to various fitness levels. From high-intensity interval training to abdominal workouts, and lower-impact workouts, our instructors bring a wealth of experience. With classes designed to be 25-30 minutes long, we encourage you to go at your own pace. We believe that pressure should never be part of your workout.

Empowering Women Through Fitness

We’re developing women-only classes led by female instructors. This initiative aims to accommodate religious modesty and create a comfortable space for women in fitness, something that traditional gyms just don’t offer enough!

Explore Our Classes Today!

Our classes are designed for all fitness levels, allowing you to step out and step in as needed. If you’re looking for fitness classes in Manchester or a pay-as-you-go alternative to a gym in Fallowfield, HMB&S Fitness is your answer. Check out our class schedule, explore different workout styles, and book your fitness session today.

Membership: Free & Easy

Becoming a member of HMB&S Fitness is easy and free. Complete our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), get your membership number, and start booking classes. Your membership also grants you access to our mobile fitness studio on Saturday mornings for personal workouts with our equipment.

Book Your Fitness Session Today!

Experience fitness in a new light with HMB&S Fitness. Explore our classes, embrace inclusivity, and start your fitness journey today. Book online or pay in person at the end of each class. Join us in Fallowfield, Manchester and get started!

Heart, Mind, Body & Soul fitness for all

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