Our Ethos

What is HMB&S Fitness for All and what makes it different from other fitness companies?

HMB&S Fitness has been set up primarily to provide low-cost, high-quality group fitness sessions in order to enable as many people as possible to take part. And as a mobile fitness company, we can bring fitness sessions to all areas of Manchester and beyond.

‘HMB&S’ stands for ‘Heart, Mind, Body and Soul’–it’s about the whole person (you). ‘Fitness for All’ means no-one over the age of 18 is excluded (unless otherwise recommended by your doctor).*

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Through the challenge of physical exercise, it is our aim to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing. But being part of an exercise group also involves social interaction, which we trust will enhance your emotional (heart and soul) wellbeing.

As part of our goal of social interactions, once a month we will host a “Time for Tea” on a Saturday afternoon. This will be a free social event where you can come along and meet with fellow exercisers and instructors for a chat over tea or coffee and a selection of cakes, patisseries, biscuits, etc. 

At this time we can only accommodate a set number of people for “Time for Tea”, so we ask that you participate in at least 4 classes with us during the previous month before signing up to attend. Sign up for “Time for Tea” here!

*Please note that for legal reasons we are not allowed to offer fitness instruction to people with certain medical and physical conditions. Please fill out a PAR-Q to assess your ability to take part in our classes. If in doubt, please speak with your doctor or get in touch with us.

Our Mission

HMB&S Fitness supports the local community and various charities.

Alongside our mission of helping you boost your physical and mental health, our company has also been set up to support worthy causes in the UK and South Africa. A percentage of all HMB&S profits will be set aside to assist with such activities as a food bank and women’s refuge centre (in the UK) as well as to aid a family who rescues abandoned babies and to provide funding for children to attend school (in South Africa). 

Your class fees will be helping someone else to have a better opportunity in life. Our hope is that by supporting other people in greater need than yourself, you will feel a deeper sense of community and goodwill thereby boosting your own mental health.

Another way we can support each other will be through our merchandise. We will have a selection of clothes and other items for sale to help raise money for worthy causes while also promoting a sense of community. Check back here to see our newest merch!

“I just felt like if everybody else is doing it and they can–I could probably go for it as well.” HMB&S participant

Our Team


With some 40 years of training experience, Graham has covered all aspects of fitness training including resistance, cardio, abdominal, flexing and stretching. He has engaged in much testing (and failure) of ideas, thoughts and learning from others through many avenues, of what works and what doesn’t work so well! Graham brings all this accumulated knowledge and experience to every fitness session.

Graham is an accredited fitness instructor and he uses his understanding of physiology and anatomy combined with his theoretical and practical knowledge to design and create exercise classes to meet every area of fitness. These classes are meant to promote all aspects of physical and mental health and wellbeing. We hope you will discover his classes to be practical, challenging, inclusive, social and even enjoyable!


Josh will be working closely with HMB&S Fitness to provide our members with practical and helpful nutritional information. He is also available for one-to-one support and nutritional training. Contact him here: luckhursttraining@gmail.com


Darcy has donned many hats over the years (including as a professional musician, home educator and beekeeper!) and is excited to join the HMB&S Fitness team as their manager. She brings her love of detail and organisation to everything she does for the company in the hope that her skills will support and encourage all who exercise with us. 

Associate Fitness Instructors

At times we will have other fitness instructors join our team to teach various classes. These instructors have a high level of training and support the ethos and mission of HMB&S Fitness. We are excited to have them join us!

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning; Level 3 Personal Trainer; MAC Uni Nutritionist; and Certified On-line Trainer.
Josh specialises in fat loss, strength training, nutrition and performance.
Contact Josh here for one-to-one training sessions: luckhursttraining@gmail.com

Level 3 Personal Trainer.
Moassab specialises in muscle gain, fat loss, weight loss and powerlifting. You can contact Moassab for personal training sessions here: moassabpt@gmail.com

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Instructor.
Steven is an experienced gym manager who knows what it takes to run a successful fitness centre.
He will be teaching several of our early Saturday morning classes and will also be acting as an adviser to HMB&S.

Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer.
Umran specialises in weight loss, body transformation, lifestyle change and muscle building. You can book personal training sessions with Umran here: um1fitness@hotmail.com

Heart, Mind, Body & Soul fitness for all

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